The Dyson DC35 is one of the cordless and portable vacuum machines in the Dyson range. Also known as the DC35 Digital Slim MultiFloor this vacuum cleaner is not meant to substitute for the bigger Dyson cleaners but it is a powerful tool non-the-less and still very versatile.

The biggest mistake people make with this kind of vacuum cleaner is to expect it to do what the bigger models like the DC25 or DC28 do.

Several reviewers we came across complained about various things which they would normally expect from the larger vacuum cleaners such as the small cannister or 15 minute battery life, but in my opinion I think they have totally missed the point and purpose of the DC35.

This vacuum cleaner is great at the things it’s meant to do such as a the quick clean of the living room rug, under the kitchen or coffee table or the cat litter in the laundry. A lot of the reviewers also used it to dust and clean furniture and electronic equipment.

It also does a decent job of doing a thorough clean of a small house. But a number of people fell into the trap of trying to substitute this little vac for their DC25 by attempting to clean their large 2500sq ft home with it.

As you’ll read below, if used properly, the DC35 can fulfil its purpose more than adequately as the very mobile and quick-tidy-up tool which has heaps of suction power.

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So what are the features of the Dyson DC35? The main features or qualities are listed below.

Cordless and powered by a Lithium-Ion battery

This is the obvious differentiating quality of this model when compared to the larger, less portable Dyson vacuum cleaners. The DC35 is first and foremost a portable vacuum cleaner, hence why they made it smaller and cordless.

The lithium-ion battery has a typical life of 15 minutes of pure grunt, which is normally plenty of time in which to clean up the mess your 3 year old made on the kitchen floor just before you were expecting those dinner guests.

In order to ensure that batter power is not wasted, Dyson have designed this vacuum cleaner so that you need to keep the power trigger pressed with your finger in order to run it. Some reviewers found this an annoyance but when you think about it it is probably a good a idea because all it takes is a distraction such as a telephone call or knock at the door and your 15 minute window could quickly be wasted if the vacuum had a permament power switch.


Dyson DC35Converts from extended to hand-held mode

This is another big portability characteristic which the bigger models do not have.

The Dyson DC35 has a lightweight aluminium wand which has a long reach and can be used to clean floors while standing in an upright position or for those hard to reach places such as the ceilings or under couches and beds.

The wand is easy to remove, and the DC35 instantly converts to a mini-vac which is perfect for cleaning the car, or kitchen bench tops or steps.

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There were a small minority of reviewers who said that the machine is a little on the heavy side when holding it in one hand for long periods.

Motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brushes

Dyson DC35The cleaning head of this vacuum has ultra fine anti-static carbon fiber brushes for cleaning hard floors such as wood and tiles. It also has rotating nylon brushes to remove dirt from carpets.

Quite a number of reviewers were very happy with the DC35′s ability to be used as a “powered sweeper for primarily hard floors” and in a few cases some of the reviewers went as far as saying that this machine was the best they’d ever used.

Dual Power Mode

The DC35 has two power settings: normal or MAX.

In the normal setting, this vacuum cleaner will give you approximately 15 minutes of 28 Air Watts of strong constant suction or 13 minutes if used with the motorized floor tool.

In MAX mode, the DC35 will give you 6 minutes of cleaning time with more than double the power of the normal mode. (you get 65 Air Watts of power when in MAX mode)

MAX mode is meant for extra difficult tasks or stubborn grit on floors or carpets.



Although a clear majority of people appear to be quite happy with the Dyson DC35, there are some complaints which I discovered when I was doing my research on this product and I wanted to highlight some here.

The hold-down power button was found by some to an undesirable quality in the DC35 because a few people found it too tedious to keep holding the button down when vacuuming. Others described this as a minor annoyance. The design intent by Dyson was so that you don’t waste the battery time when you aren’t actually using the machine.

Some people found that the 3 hour charge time for the DC35 is too long. As we’ve seen, the DC35 is a portable vacuum cleaner which is designed to be used for quick cleanups which would ordinarily take no more than 15 minutes. Although the suction and performance of the DC35 is very good, it was never intended to clean your 3000 square foot condo.