The Dyson DC33 is another one of Dyson’s fixed wheel vacuum cleaners and is very similar to its cousin the DC28. Along with the 28, the DC33 is one of the more powerful vacuum cleaners in the Dyson range. Actually when comparing it to the DC28, the DC33 is slightly less powerful at 240W versus the DC28′s 245W but both of these are significantly more powerful than the DC25 which has 220W.

Now if power was the only thing you’re looking for in a vacuum cleaner then obviously you’d choose the DC28 over the DC33 or any of the other vacuums but there are other qualities and features which the DC33 offers which has swayed some buyers to select this as their vaccum cleaner of choice over other models.

So why do some buyers swear by the Dyson DC33 over the other Dyson models? Let’s take a look at some of the features and qualities of this vacuum cleaner.

Dyson DC33

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Size and Weight:

The DC33 is actually a bigger (as in taller) vacuum than both the DC28 and DC25 coming in at almost 3 inches more than the DC28. The official dimensions and comparisons are show below

Dyson DC33 – 44.9×13.4×14.0 inches (HxWxD)

Dyson DC28 – 42.1×13.5×14.3 inches (HxWxD)

Dyson DC25 – 42.4×12.2×15.4 inches (HxWxD)


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Despite it’s slightly bigger size, the DC33 vacuum cleaner is much lighter than the DC28 and almost as light as the DC25 as shown below in the comparison:

Dyson DC33 – 17.60 pounds

Dyson DC28 – 20.61 pounds

Dyson DC25 – 16.12 pounds

Made of polycarbonate plastic which is known for its immense durability extremely lightness, this vacuum cleaner is indeed pretty light for its size. A lot of the users also say that it glides just as easy as any other vacuum they’ve used.

Suction Power:

It has to be pointed out that if it’s one thing that unanimously stands out across all Dyson models is the tremendous suction power and the DC33 is no exception. As mentioned previously, the DC33 is one of the more powerful vacuums in the Dyson range and hundreds of reviewers have shared their amazing stories of disbelief at how much dirt, hair and other gunk they found in the cannister after they’ve vacuumed what they thought was a relatively clean floor or carpet with their old vacuum cleaner. The power of the DC33 as compared to the DC28 and DC25 is shown below:

Dyson DC33 – 240 Watts

Dyson DC28 – 245 Watts

Dyson DC25 – 220 Watts

Even though the DC33 has amazing suction, if you have pets and want even more suction power then it is recommended that you go for the DC28. (See my DC28 review for more information).

Although it doesn’t  explicitly state this in the product description, the DC33 will serve pet owners almost as well as the DC28 Animal. Some people actually prefer the DC33 over the DC28 Animal because it is lighter but does almost as good a job in terms of suction and picking up pet hair and other litter.

Movement Type:

The DC33 (like the DC28) uses fixed wheels for its movement and hence this differs from the DC25 in that respect because the DC25 uses the Ball™ technology. A lot of users have remarked at how easy it is to maneuver the DC33 and some even say that they find it at least as easy or even easier to push around than the DC25.

I have to point out that fixed wheels are actually the traditional way most vacuum cleaners are made which is why a lot of people apparently find them easier to maneuver than the DC25 Dyson Ball™ technology, BUT, once getting used to the ball, a tremendous amount of people say it is much more nimble than the fixed wheels. I think personal preference plays a big role here. (see my Dyson DC25 Review for more info)

Dyson DC33 – Fixed wheel

Dyson DC28 – Fixed wheel

Dyson DC25 – Ball™ technology

Some comments from reviewers regarding maneuverability:

No ball, but to me the difference in maneuverability is negligible

Maneuverability on wood floors very easy as it slides around easily

Cord Length:

The DC33 has one of the longest cords in the range together with the DC28.

Dyson DC33 – 35.0 ft

Dyson DC28 – 35.2 ft

Dyson DC25 – 24.6 ft

Many people found this a blessing and something which happened to sway them to buy the DC33 over other models.

Bin Capacity:

Just like the cord length, the DC33 is once again at the top for cannister size, being almost twice as big as the bin on the DC25.

Dyson DC33 – 0.61 gallons

Dyson DC28 – 0.61 gallons

Dyson DC25 – 0.31 gallons

This is yet another quality a lot of people based their decision on to buy the DC33.


A lot of reviewers agreed that the DC33 is perfect for almost any floor type – carpet, wood floor, stairs, linoleum. People remarked that vacuuming hardwood with the DC33 is a breeze, and that it has not left a single mark since using it.

We’ve already mentioned the power of this thing, and being only second to the DC28, a lot of users described its impressive suction when using it on all manner of surfaces. Due to its big head shape, the DC33 isn’t able to get under tight little furniture spaces or under beds but this was minor inconvenience that many got around by simply using the wand or as a last resort moving some of the furniture.

dyson DC33This vacuum also doesn’t get up very close head-on against walls but a lot of reviewers found that when you run the machine sideways against the wall it works very well due to its great suction power or you can once again use the wand.

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Speaking of the telescope reach wand, it is a very useful accessory with this vacuum cleaner. It has a massive reach of 15.7ft and can prove to be a savior when getting cobwebs off your high ceilings or reaching on top of your dusty cupboards.

The design of the bin cannister is second to none because it has obviously been thought through. To empty your dirt you simply release the cannister with one click of a button and then while holding over a trash can you simply press another button which open the bottom of the cannister and releases the dirt. Simple and no mess for you!



As with most of the Dyson vacuum cleaners, the DC33 has a Lifetime washable HEPA filter.



As with most of the Dyson vacuum cleaners, the DC33 has a warranty of 5 years for parts and labor.


Negative feedback:

Some reviewers found that using the telescopic wand for the first time was rather awkward. However after getting used to it most agreed that it is a useful feature. Here’s an example comment:

I was worried about the wand based on other reviews, but have found that even though it is awkward to use, it has strong suction and cleans baseboards, windows, and small areas rather well. I used the wand to clean a couch in my house that I THOUGHT was clean and got two canisters of hair off of it

Some previous DC14 owners commented that although the DC33 is basically the newer version of the DC14, the DC33 has a plastic hose whereas the DC14 used to have metal hose. What a lot of people may not realize is that the plastic of the  DC33 is made of polycarbonate which is extremely durable and light.

Another negative mentioned by reviewers is that the DC33 won’t get under furniture due to it’s head shape but you can use the wand or move the furniture slightly.


Best Place to Buy

When researching the Dyson DC33 once again we found that the price can vary from place to place and that buying it online usually turned out to be cheaper than buying offline. Amazon offers significant discount rates (plus free shipping!) compared to other online retailers for many of the Dyson vacuums.

If you want to check the price of the Dyson DC33 here’s the link to the Amazon page:

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