The Dyson DC28 is a slightly heavier animal (pun intended) and has a more heavy duty feel compared to its cousin the DC25. It is also different in its movement type compared to the DC25 because the DC28 Animal uses fixed wheels as opposed to the Ballâ„¢ technology utilized by its DC25 cousin.

Never-the-less you will find that this vacuum cleaner has its own unique benefits which suit some people more than the features offered on the Dyson DC25.

dyson dc28

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So what are the features and qualities of the Dyson DC28 and how do they differ from the DC25? Let’s take a look at some of them before we get into the review.



Dyson DC28 – 20.61 pounds

Dyson DC25 – 16.12 pounds




Dyson DC28 – 42.1×13.5×14.3 inches (HxWxD)

Dyson DC25 – 42.4×12.2×15.4 inches (HxWxD)



Suction Power:

Dyson DC28 – 245 Watts

Dyson DC25 – 220 Watts


Movement Type:

Dyson DC28 – Fixed wheel

Dyson DC25 – Ballâ„¢ technology


Cord Length:

Dyson DC28 – 35.2 ft

Dyson DC25 – 24.6 ft


Bin Capacity:

Dyson DC28 – 0.61 gallons

Dyson DC25 – 0.31 gallons


Max. Reach:

Dyson DC28 – 52.2 ft

Dyson DC25 – 40.3 ft



Dyson DC28 – Lifetime washable HEPA filter

Dyson DC25 – Lifetime washable HEPA filter



Dyson DC28 – 5 years (parts & labor)

Dyson DC25 – 5 years (parts & labor)


So as you can see from the technical one-on-one comparison with the DC25, the DC28 seems to have more of almost everything. It’s heavier, sucks more (pun not intended), has a longer cord, fits more dirt into its bin and has a longer reach.

Dyson say that the DC28 Animal is designed specifically for people who are pet-owners because of its greater suction power. And with the extensive research I’ve done, I’m inclined to agree.

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dyson animal vacuum reviewsSo how does the Dyson DC28 rate in practice?

Well to start with the greater bin capacity on the DC28 seems to be appreciated by a lot of owners although still some think it could be bigger. The bin size is about twice that of the DC25 but regular emptying is required. I think this is a testimony to the sheer suction capabilities of this beast. It really does slurp up all of the dirt, pet hair and grime very well!

Speaking of the dust bin, a good feature of the dust cannister (also shared by its lighter cousin) is that emptying it is very easy and clean. You simply push a button which opens the bottom and the dirt just falls into the bin.

The DC28 also has 4 different height options: bare floor (lowest/no beater brush), low-pile, medium pile, and high pile. These settings are easily adjusted using buttons. The overwhelming amount of reviewers agree that it does both carpets and any type of bare floors exceptionally well.

The extra power of this vacuum is another standout with owners who seem to be constantly amazed at the amount of dirt it can pick up even on seemingly clean floors and carpets. The following is an example review comment regarding the suction:

…the amount of crap that came out of my carpets blew me away! Despite the large canister I had to empty it after each room because it was so full. One room had enough dust and hair in it to fill a normal vacuum’s bag. This thing does what it says. You will not be disappointed

Another strong plus with this vacuum’s strong suction power is that a lot of allergy sufferers found that their allergies decreased after a vacuum with the DC28 and they were able to breath better. This ability to rid surfaces of allergens can also be attributed to the HEPA filter. Here’s one reviewer’s comment regarding this:

The best part is, I notice a huge change in how much my allergies decrease between vacuuming. The HEPA filter is amazing. If for no other reason, and if you are an allergy sufferer, I would recommend this Dyson. Don’t misunderstand, all the other features and attachments are amazing, and I use them all but, I was most blown away by it’s ability to make breathing easier for me.

In terms of maneuverability, even though the DC28 does not have the Ball technology of the DC25 it is still not that difficult to maneuver but it has to be said that the DC25 is more nimble. Also the powerful “air muscle” suction technology of the DC28 does make it seem a bit unusual to maneuver at first but a lot of people quickly got used to this.


Negative Feedback
Even though the Dyson DC28 Animal is a great vacuum, there are some minor complaints which I have read people are making and I wanted to highlight some of these.

Some people find it a bit harder to push than other vacuums because its suction is quite strong. However a lot of these people say that they quickly get used to it. Others complained that the extension hose feels too stiff but a lot of people also say it becomes more flexible as you use it more.
Another complaint is that it feels heavy for some people but this is something most are willing to overlook.


Best Place to Buy

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