The Dyson DC25 is one of the most popular “higher end” vacuum cleaners on the market currently. After quite an extensive amount of research on many different brands and models, we now understand why this particular vacuum cleaner is one of the main weapons of choice when it comes to cleaning your home and hence why my wife and I eventually bought one ourselves. In this Dyson DC25 review article, we want to highlight to you what it is about this vacuum cleaner which makes it very popular.

Dyson DC25 Review

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The DC25 is priced in the upper bracket of vacuum cleaners, but it has to be mentioned that the old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies in this case. (At the time of writing this article I have seen the price range anywhere from $499 to $600!)

Despite the slightly higher price, there are still some considerable savings to be made when you shop online for most of the Dyson vacuum cleaners, especially the prices offered by Amazon which are quite often cheaper than other online/offline outlets.

But don’t take my word for it. Go and look for yourself and compare with other sites.
 You have a couple of choices when it comes to buying a Dyson vacuum in the DC25 model range. They are namely the Dyson DC25 Animal and the Dyson DC25 All Floors. They are essentially the same vacuum but the minor difference between the two is that the Animal has a mini turbine attachment. This may be useful for those who have a LOT of pet hair on their furniture and carseats but having said that the unit will pick up pet hair quite well without this extra attachment!

Oh and another difference between the All Floors and the Animal is that the All Floors is orange and the Animal is purple and the Animal is slightly more expensive – around $50 more for the extra attachment.

Dyson DC25 Review

There are many choices available when it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner. If you are like I was, you may only be familiar with the good old typical vacuum cleaners which have wheels, a flexible hose and a dirt bag inside or perhaps you may be familiar with the upright versions which also have wheels and a bag to collect dirt. But as you’ll learn below the Dyson DC25 vacuum cleaner has neither a dirt bag nor wheels. Read on to find out more….

Before we get into the reviews, some of the features of the DC25 are:

Bagless Design

The DC25 vacuum is bagless as are all Dyson upright and canister vacuums. This means there are no costly bags to replace.

Dyson Ball Technology

Whereas most vacuum cleaners have wheels, the DC25 sits on a ball which aids in the maneuverability and twisting and turning around awkward obtsacles.

Dyson Root Cyclone Technology

This vacuum cleaner uses centrifugal force to extract the dirt from air and in doing so it maintains maximum suction and efficient cleaning ability.

Washable HEPA Filter

The DC25 comes with a washable lifetime HEPA filter which captures allergens and miscroscopic bacteria from the air it comes into contact with. It is also certified as asthma-friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Dyson DC25 All Floors

dyson dc25 all floorsThe Dyson DC25 All Floors is designed to be used for all types of floors. This is the vacuum cleaner we finally decided to buy and so far we still happy with our choice.

The All Floors has a motorized brushbar which can be manually switched off when you are cleaning a delicate surface or smooth floors. This means that the Dyson DC 25 All Floors vacuum cleaner essentially has two motors – one for the brushbar and the other for suction. The brushbar also has quite sturdy bristles which aid in removing dirt and pet hair from carpets.

The unit also comes with a telescopic wand which is built into the handle and has a reach of approximately 15.4ft which comes in handy for those hard to reach places.

Another cool thing about this machine is that when the machine is totally upright while you are using the wand, there are 4 wheels which automatically drop down on which it rests and the beater brushes shut off to save you from scratching up the floor.

The Dyson ball design makes turning in short tight spaces very easy and once you get used to this style of pushing a vacuum cleaner you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

In terms weight, the unit is around 16lb and due to its easy maneuverability it feels quite light too.

The most astounding thing we found was how much dirt this thing picked up when we first starting using this vacuum on our bare floors even though we thought the floors were already clean! This is why I recommend that you get into the habit of emptying the dust bin after each use because this machine sure can pick up a lot of dirt.

Sometimes it really helps to see the product being used so you can appreciate its design and power.
You can check out the Dyson DC25 in action by watching this video:

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Dyson DC25 Animal

dyson dc25 animalThe same things which were discussed for the All Floors apply to the Dyson Animal because as mentioned earlier these vacuum units are essentially identical except for the extra attachment which comes with the Animal.

Regarding the extra mini turbine attachment brush which comes with the Dyson DC25 Animal, some reviewers have found it very useful in being able to clean cobwebs and dust off ceiling fans and other delicate things whilst others say that they wouldn’t have missed the extra attachment if they had bought the All Floors.

Assembly and Installation

The installation instructions were not that difficult to follow and are mainly picture-based. We assembled the DC25 in a matter of minutes and I have read similar accounts of even children being able to assemble the Dyson out of the box. There are also some reviews where people had a little difficulty assembling the machine but it’s not rocket science and I think you get my drift.


There are some minor complaints about the DC25 and I will leave it to you to decide whether they are minor enough for you to overlook them as we did.

- Some people feel the dust bin could be bigger. If you get into the habit of emptying it after each session you won’t find this to be a major problem.

- Some people (including ourselves) wish that the chord could be slightly longer. Not a big show-stopper and we simply got around this by using an extension chord.

- It might take a few practice rounds to get used to the ball and maneuverability because it has a different feel to the traditional vacuums which use wheels. Once you get comfortable with it you’ll enjoy using it!


Dyson has a 5 year warranty on parts and labor.

Best Deals

We assumed that with such a prestigious name like Dyson that the prices for the DC25 would be the same everywhere (sort of similar to what Apple products are like). However we were pleasantly surprised to find that you can get some excellent savings online for a brand-new Dyson DC25 vacuum at Amazon. As a matter of fact you will find that Amazon as the best deals when  it comes to lower prices for Dyson vacuums.

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