The Dyson DC23 is a compact canister vacuum cleaner which also shares the bagless technology of its cousins.
This post will review the features of Dyson DC23 and briefly give a comparison with respect to some of the other popular Dyson models and the pros and cons of this model.

Like some of the other Dysons the DC23 has two versions – the DC23 Turbinehead and DC23 Animal.
The difference between the two is that the DC23 Animal has two extra attachment tools and is thus slightly more expensive as a result. Oh and also the colors are different – the Turbinehead is blue and the Animal is purple.

Dyson DC23 Turbinehead

Dyson DC23 Animal


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The extra attachment tools which you get with the DC23 Animal are:
The articulating hard floor tool:
Dyson DC23
This tool is designed to maneuver more easily in order to get get to narrow spaces and gaps.

The Mini Turbine Head:
Dyson DC23
This tool is designed especially for picking up pet hair and dirt from tight spaces such as cars, stairs and furniture.

Ok now let’s get down to the review of the DC23.

So what are the qualities and features of the DC23 vacuum cleaner?

Bagless Canister vacuum

As you can see from the photos, the basic DC23 design is quite different from say the DC25 or DC28. It consists of canister configuration with fixed wheel movement. The unit itself is rather small, and relatively lightweight and some reviewers have commented on it being small enough to fit under furniture.

Air-driven TurbineHead brush bar

This feature is ideally intended for cleaning medium and short pile carpets but it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it on long pile carpets too except that you need to be prepared to use some extra effort to push the vacuum through the carpet due to the strong suction.

You may be pleased to know that turbine head brush bar can be switched off easily when you are cleaning hardwood floors for instance.

Lifetime HEPA Filter

As with a lot of the Dyson range, the DC23 also has a washable HEPA filter which has been certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This unit has been tested to expel air which contains up to 150 times less mold and bacteria than normal air which you breath thanks to the washable HEPA filter which helps trap microscopic allergens.


I’ve also included the specs for the very popular DC25 for a head-to-head comparison. (Please note you can also read my Dyson DC25 Review if you wish)


Dyson DC23 – 19.5 pounds

Dyson DC25 – 16.12 pounds



Dyson DC23 – 13.9×19.3×11.9 inches (HxWxD)

Dyson DC25 – 42.4×12.2×15.4 inches (HxWxD)


Suction Power:

Dyson DC23 – 220 Watts

Dyson DC25 – 220 Watts


Movement Type:

Dyson DC23 – Fixed wheel

Dyson DC25 – Ballâ„¢ technology


Cord Length:

Dyson DC23 – 21.6 ft

Dyson DC25 – 24.6 ft


Bin Capacity:

Dyson DC23 – 0.44 gallons

Dyson DC25 – 0.31 gallons


Max. Reach:

Dyson DC23 – 36.2 ft

Dyson DC25 – 40.3 ft



Dyson DC23 – Lifetime washable HEPA filter

Dyson DC25 – Lifetime washable HEPA filter



Dyson DC23 – 5 years (parts & labor)

Dyson DC25 – 5 years (parts & labor)



If you’d like to see the DC23 in action and observe some of its practicalities and features then watch this video:


What the general public thinks of the Dyson DC23

An overwhelming number of people all agree that the suction of the Dyson DC23 is excellent. Whether it was pet owners or simply people with huge rooms with varying floor types, the accounts of how well the DC23 picks up dust, pet hair and other grime were all similar in that people were amazed at the stuff they saw in the canister after vacuuming.

The relatively small head was something quite a few people appreciated because it made vacuuming under furniture much easier than some of the other dyons.

As with most of the Dyson range, the DC23 has an easy emptying canister which was a quality which received the thumbs up by quite a number of reviewers. Some thought that the canister should be slightly bigger and others commented on the occassional need to use a paper towel to wipe the inside of it as it was prone to a slight build-up of dirt.

There was also a near unanimous agreement about the usefulness of the motorized brush bar and floor tools. Here’s a comment from one reviewer:

For our old farmhouse with mostly wood floors I’m real happy. It gets the gaps between the floorboards totally cleaned out & also the wood mess on the flat rocks around our woodstove. It’s also good for cleaning the dust & spiderwebs from the stonewall behind the woodstove. For the carpeted areas, I’m happy with what the rotating brush can do. This vac far surpasses the Eureka canister I still have. The best part I feel is that the dust isn’t in the air!

The majority of reviewers found the DC23 very easy to maneuvre whether it was around tight spaces and furniture or up stairs.


Some people thought that the price of the DC23 is a bit too high. I can say that as a fellow Dyson owner I initially thought the same thing but after comparing it to other units I quickly realized that you are getting a superior machine for your money which does the job more thoroughly.

There were a few people who didn’t like the way the hose wraps when storing the vacuum. One reviewer stated that the hose lays flopping around on the floor, when still attached to the unit without any way to store it in a compact way.

Best Place to Buy

Do your research because I was surprised to find that the price can vary from place to place and that buying it online usually turned out to be cheaper than buying offline. Don’t forget to check Amazon because of their free shipping policy and discounts.

If you want to check the prices of the Dyson DC23 Animal and Turbinehead, here’s the links to the Amazon page:

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Dyson DC23 Animal


Dyson DC23 Turbinehead at Amazon